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My Hospital Portal

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My Hospital Portal FAQ and Tutorials

Below are Frequently Ask Questions and Tutorials regarding the St. Joseph Regional Health Center MyHealth Portal. Please review the FAQ’s as they include instructions on how to access your secure health information.

My HEALTH Portal Tutorials:
Navigating My HEALTH Portal

My HEALTH Portal Functions and Features

Q. What is My HEALTH Portal?

A. St. Joseph My Health Portal offers patients personalized and secure on-line access to portions of their health records. It enables you to securely use the internet to help manage and receive information about your health.

  • View your health summary from the St. Joseph My Health Portal
  • View test results
  • Send health summary to your physician or another provider.

Q. How do I get My HEALTH Portal access?

A. Provide a valid email address when you register for your hospital stay, or after you visit contact our Health Information Management department at 979-776-2524

Q. Who may join the MY HEALTH Portal?

A. Any St Joseph Regional Health System patient who has had an outpatient or inpatient visit.

Q. I have been unsuccessful with self-enrollment, who should I contact?

A. Call our Health Information Management Office 979-776-2524

Q. Is My Health Portal information secure?

A.  St. Joseph’s commitment to provide great service to our community is to ensure your health information is kept private and secure. Access to information is controlled through secure access codes, personal ID’s, and passwords with the latest encryption technology to automatically encrypt your session with My Health Portal, unlike conventional e-mail.

Q. How do I check for Browser compatibility?

A. Make sure to have the latest version of internet explorer.

Q. Who do I contact if I have further questions?

A. Call our Health Information Management Office 979-776-2524

Q. I did not receive an email with my one-time password, what should I do?

A. Call our Health Information Management Office 979-776-2524

Q. Can I add a family member to view my health record in My Health Portal?

A.  Yes, contact Health Information Management office phone number and complete required consent forms.

Q.  Is there a fee to use My Health Portal?

A. No

Q. How do I update my address and phone number (e.g., home address, email, or change password)?

A. Log into My Health Portal and select “Profile tab”, and click on “Update Profile”. 

 * Note: it may take 24-36 hours to process the request.*

Update Profile

Q. How do I send my health record to another provider?

A. The Health Summary page which is a summary of the patient’s Medical record. You can download, print or send a copy of this document for you records. Once downloaded, printed or sent, you are responsible for protecting the information included in your copy of the Continuity of Care Document. You will need to contact your provider for their “direct” email address to be able to send health records via portal.

Q. Is my provider’s “Direct” email address the same as a traditional email?

A. No. A Direct address is a national encryption standard for securely exchanging clinical healthcare data via the internet.

Q.  Can I access my spouse health record?

A. No, due to the sensitive nature of medical information, however, you and your spouse can complete the required consent forms by contacting our Health Information Management office phone number.

Q. Do I need a separate My Health portal for my dependents?

A. No

Q. I can no longer view my dependent’s portal, what do I do?

A. At age 18 the dependent’s portal will be inactivated and must sign-up for the portal again, or complete the
proper consent forms to give another adult access. Contact our Health Information Management office phone number.

Q. What lab results can I view on the My Health Portal?

A. The results page allows you to view historical test including recent lab results on file.

Results Page

Q. What features are available in the My Health Portal?

A.  Three main features are available for patients at this time. Access your latest health record, current medications and your user profile.

Q. I can’t view my Health Summary, who do I need to contact?

A. You can request to create a new health summary on the health summary page from your patient portal.

Health Summary Page

Q. What is a Continuity of Care Document?

A. This structured document is a summary of your latest health record that can be sent to your health care provider.

Continuity of Care Document

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