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Lymphedema Management Program

The outpatient Lymphedema Therapy Program at St Joseph Regional Health Center helps people who are experiencing abnormal swelling of a body part (including but not limited to face, neck, arm, leg, breast, abdomen and genitalia) caused by an excessive buildup of lymph fluid.  Our certified lymphedema therapists use a non-invasive program known as Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) to treat lymphedema. This is a combination treatment that includes manual lymph drainage, compression bandaging, meticulous skin and nail care, and decongestive exercises.  Patients initially receive daily treatments.

What is Lymphedema?
Lymphedema is the abnormal accumulation of protein rich fluid in a body part.  Lymphedema occurs most commonly after surgery, radiation therapy, or chemotherapy for the treatment of cancer.  Other causes of lymphedema include infection, obesity, venous insufficiency, trauma, as well as recovery from joint replacement and other surgeries.  Lymphedema is a progressive disease which cannot be cured, but can be managed.  Lymphedema therapy can help reduce the size of the limb, aid in prevention of infection, maintain soft tissue integrity, and promote normal mobility of the limb.

Signs and Symptoms
Symptoms of lymphedema include swelling of the limbs, heaviness and limitation of movement, repeated infections, skin thickening or hardening, and discomfort.  If not treated, lymphedema can lead to a hardening of the soft tissue called fibrosis.  If you have any of the above risk factors for lymphedema and notice unusual swelling of any kind, seek medical care right away.

Getting Treatment
The Lymphedema Therapy Program requires a physician referral.  Patients are encouraged to share this information with their physician and discuss if they would benefit from this program. 

Our team can assist with obtaining long term day/night compressive garments for new patients as well as assisting with re-ordering compression garments for patients familiar with the process.

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