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Patient Stories

Called to Serve
When Wendy and Jay Branum moved to College Station, they had no idea what kind of healthcare they would find, much less where they would deliver their child. Wendy was seven months pregnant, and knew that the time to select her delivery hospital was nearing. After a quick yellow page search, Wendy found a few hospitals in the B-CS area, and began making visits to each. When she arrived on the labor and delivery unit of St. Joseph for a tour and look around, Wendy was welcomed with open arms. She knew immediately that this was it...the place her son would be born! [read more]

Sky's the Limit
For 61-year-old Deborah Barton, even the sky may not be the limit! While most at age 61 are beginning to settle down and learning to relax a little as they near retirement, Deborah is on the go - literally! She is passionate about bike riding, and we're not just talking about a short ride around the neighborhood or across town. Deborah likes to go a little farther - like 192 miles in one day or 500 miles in a week. Deborah and her friends had completed the 500 mile "Bike Georgia" in 2008 and were prepared to take on "Bike Virginia" in June last summer. They were excited and raring to go. [read more]

Values in Action
Lynne Harkey was at mile 20 in the Chevron Houston Marathon and making good time when she noticed a man collapsed on the ground. Harkey, a College Station emergency room nurse, stopped running and went to work. The man had suffered a heart attack. He wasn't breathing and had no pulse. Within minutes, Harkey and a makeshift team of emergency responders had the man resuscitated and on his way to the hospital. Harkey, 43, then finished the race. [read more]

Life Can Change in an Instant
On Monday, January 25, 2010, 33 year-old Zach Erskine was living a normal, healthy life. He was going about his day as he did every day, visiting with his girlfriend, readying himself for his daily work, everything was normal. Out of nowhere, he began to slur as he was speaking with his girlfriend - she asked him what was wrong, and he could not answer. "I was trying to talk to her," Zach recalled, "and the words that were coming out of my mouth were not the ones I was trying to say." He turned to walk away, and passed out. He said he remembers falling down, then not much after that. His girlfriend first called his mother who told her to call 9-1-1. [read more]

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