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Shoppers Questions & Answers

It seems as though everyone has something to say about how and what you should be eating. it's easy to get confused among all the conflicting information! If you have a food or nutrition question, you will soon be able to use our Kroger service that will link your questions to Registered Dietitian, Linda Kapusniak, who will provide you with some answers!

QUESTION:  Should Genetically Modified (GM) products be avoided?

ANSWER: At this point, the answer is the jury is still out, as there are conflicting arguments in the scientific community, which make this a consumer decision.  Here are some facts that may help you find that answer.

A genetically modified ingredient is one which technology allows food scientists to inject chemicals and food proteins into the genetic material of the food.  This technology was introduced in the 1990s and developed to enhance profitability for the food industry.

Those in favor say: 60-70 percent of processed foods we eat already contain at least 1 genetically modified ingredient, especially those containing soybeans, corn or canola oil. Supporters say GM crops are an extension of natural breeding, safe to consume, more nutritious and no more risky than naturally bread crops.

Opponents to GM ingredients state there is a link between GM crops & toxicity, allergens and diminished nutritional value.  To date most of the evidence is from short term animal studies.  Long term controlled human studies have not been conducted due largely to the fact that U.S. regulations do not currently require labeling of GM products.

It is of interest to note that other countries provide a warning sign on foods containing GM ingredients stating "not yet proven safe."   In the U.S., the premise is they have not been proven dangerous, so no warning has been placed on the labels.

If you would like to know how to identify GMO Free foods, check out the following web site: The Non-GMO Project.

QUESTION: How do you get the seeds off strawberries?

ANSWER: Towel wash them with a kitchen towel.  Gently rub them with your kitchen towel, or shake them back and forth.

QUESTION: Is there a chip on the market that is salt free?

ANSWER: Yes, Xochilt No Salt tortill chip and El Milagro Tortilla chip are both salt free.  The lowest salt potato chip is Michael's Unsalted potato chip, which is located in the Natural's section.  Click on Healthy shopping at Kroger and go to chips to find more low sodium brands.

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