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Safe Sitter Course

Safe Sitter is an instructional course designed for 11 to 13 year olds who are seeking proper training to become babysitters. Each Summer, we offer 5 sessions during the months of June, July and August. Class times are 12:30 - 5:00 pm. During the three-day course, students listen, practice and role play to learn about a variety of topics including:

  • Safety precautions
  • CPR and care for a choking infant or child
  • Recognizing emergencies
  • Calling for emergency help

  • The course also covers the basics of child care, including how to feed and diaper an infant and behaviors to expect when dealing with each age group. Ethical and business principles of babysitting are also discussed. To become a Safe Sitter, students must pass a written and practical exam. On the last day of the course, parents and friends are invited to attend the graduation ceremony to recognize the Safe Sitters.

    Registration includes a manual, backpack and other course materials.

    Classes are held at the St. Joseph Lampo Building Conference Room, located at 1520 E William J Bryan Parkway.

    Contact Healthy Communities for more information or to register, call


    2016 Dates Coming Soon!

     "During these 3 days of babysitting classes, I have learned the importance of being a safe, responsible babysitter.  This class provides us with important information that will prepare us for our babysitting careers.  This class is VERY important.  Without Safe Sitter I would go into a job cold turkey and I would feel very uncomfortable.  Safe Sitter teaches students that you can always work with problems and you have the ability to save lives.  Safe Sitter assures us that we will always know what to do and they give us a handbook so we will never forget this amazing class.

    The most important thing I learned was the responsibility that goes along with getting a babysitting job; you are responsible for someone's life.  That knowledge helped me realize how serious and important I am.  Although I can always have fun, I know what is fun and what is disastrous.  This week has been a very beneficial week in my life and I will NEVER forget the amazing things I learned here."

    -Hannah, 13, St. Joseph Safe Sitter Graduate


    " A babysitting course is very important!  We need to learn skills that will help us and make the real situations easier.  It's very nice to know how to manage behavior and injuries how to talk to potential employers and the different needs of different children in different age groups.

    I believe the most important thing we learned in this class was prevention.  Yes, CPR and Choking Rescue are nice to know in emergencies, but with prevention you will never have to use it.  We also need to know how to prevent behavior problems."

    -Kailee, 11, St. Joseph Safe Sitter Graduate

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