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Patient Testimonials

“I now have two birthdays; the day I was born and the day I had gastric sleeve surgery!”
-Sean Brimhall

I struggled with my weight my entire life. Growing up, I was constantly ridiculed because of my weight. And the heavier I got, the more I noticed that people didn’t really look at me when we met – they looked at my body. And the heavier I got, the more I noticed that people didn’t really look at me when we met – they looked at my body.
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“After bariatric surgery, your life will be just beginning!”
- Mary “Mike” Hatcher

In 2001, I elected to have gastric band surgery in Houston because I was extremely overweight. My mobility was challenged. Aches and pains were part of daily life for me. Food was a very important thing in my life, but exercise was not.

After gastric banding I lost an extreme amount of weight. I was dehydrated and had developed an ulcer in my esophagus. I was pretty much unable to eat without vomiting. Banding is extremely restrictive. I could only eat minute portions of liquids or liquid foods. I just wasn’t feeling good, so I got the band removed.
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“Bariatric surgery is the best decision I’ve ever made in my life!”
-Debbie Tibbetts

I looked into bariatric surgery because my life was severely restricted by the poor condition of my health. I had high blood pressure, and was on medication for that. Plus, I took a medicine every day for acid reflux. My knees were so bad it hurt to do most everything.
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“If you’re able to use this tool for weight loss, I tell everybody they should take advantage of it.”
 - Katie Clement

I am only 21-years-old, but from the age of about six or seven, I’d always been overweight. It wasn’t until I started to become progressively unhealthy in high school when I began to think twice. Then, seeing how weight had affected my parents’ health, I knew I didn’t want to follow in their footsteps. But that was before my Mom had the surgery. Seeing the difference it made in her, my Dad and I decided to do the same thing. So, then I suppose, I did want to follow in their footsteps!
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“Feeling good about what you see in the mirror. It’s worth the investment today to preserve your quality of life tomorrow.”
 -Tom Pool

In my life, I’ve had the experience of caring for loved ones who have had suffered from obesity, and I remember clearly telling my wife one day, “I don’t want to be that kind of burden to my children some day.” The problem was I was well on my way to becoming that kind of problem. In 2010, I decided that it was either budget for the recommended surgery now or prepare to pay the cost in poor health later. So, I chose the former.
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“Most people are stubborn. But if you’ve got the mindset to change, you can. I did.”
- Beldon Sprouse

Weight has always been an issue for me. I’ve always been big pretty much my whole life, and although I worked to get things under control from time to time, I always seemed to end up right back where I started, only bigger and larger. As the years added up, so did the pounds – more than about 360 at the top end – plus I was starting to lose energy and developed type 2 diabetes.
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“I did it more for the health benefits. Not being a type II diabetic anymore has been amazing.”
 - Tommy Clement

My struggle goes back to being a young kid. I had a period where I kind of grew out of it. But in my early 40s, I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes that steadily grew worse until I was unable control it. I tried diet and exercise, every fad diet you can think of, but nothing worked. I finally asked my family doctor, “What can I do about this?” He suggested the weight loss surgery, so I decided to follow-up with Dr. Mason.
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