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Patient Safety

St. Joseph is committed to saving lives. St. Joseph was one of the original hospitals to participate in the Institute of Healthcare Improvement's "100,00 Lives" campaign started in 2000. The 100,000 Lives Campaign is an effort to promote changes in hospital care that have been proven to prevent deaths.

The Campaign's main focuses in hospital care include:

1. Treating heart attacks (AMIs). St. Joseph Health Center has received state and national recognition for their performance in the quality of treating heart attacks.

2. Preventing adverse drug events (ADEs). We're coordinating efforts by all our health care centers and coordinating with other hospitals in the region to implement best practices.

3. Preventing surgical site infections, reducing the risk of hospital acquired infections. St. Joseph Hospital has proactively focused on the proper procedures and best practices to prevent these infections and promote the safety of their patients.
4. Preventing catheter - associated infections (central line infections).

5. Preventing ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP). St. Joseph hospital has shown measurable reduction in their VAP rates and continues to be recognized for their efforts and results.

6. Deploying rapid response teams. St. Joseph Health Center, among many other healthcare centers, is currently deploying rapid response pilot projects.

All St. Joseph Hospitals are actively implementing the best practices associated with the 100,000 Lives Campaign, allowing us to better serve the needs of our patients and improve their overall clinical results.

St. Joseph measures mortality reduction using an index that compares actual mortalities to the number of mortalities predicted based on the patient's diagnoses. An index less than one indicates "saved lives." Since  2009, St. Joseph has saved 123 lives through Q2 2011.



Mortality Index Graph

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