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Partial Knee Replacement

Partial Knee Replacement

The concept is to resurface only the worn sections of the knee.

The sections are referred to as compartments. There are three compartments in the knee. One, two or three compartments can be resurfaced

Benefits of Partial knee resurfacing:
Only the worn section is resurfaced (replaced in traditional terminology, although resurfacing is a more accurate and appropriate description).
The remaining sections are left untouched.
The cruciate ligaments are untouched, this means that the knee has greater stability than a total knee replacement and moves normally. The movement of the knee is with a partial knee is almost identicall to the natural knee. Where as a total knee replacement moves in an abnormal fashion.
Can be changed to a total knee a later date if required.
A partial knee resurfacing has been described as a "retread"
I use the Sigma Partial knee replacement / resurfacing and the Oxford.

Benefits Of The Oxford Partial Knee Replacement:
Only replaces 1/3rd of your knee leaving the other good 2/3rd alone
Preserves all your knee ligaments
Has excellent long term durability
Very low wear (0.1mm per annum)
Minimally Invasive Technique
Revovery 3x as fast as standard Total Knee Replacement.
High Knee Flexion is typical
For Young patients it can be regarded as a pre-knee replacement - it is straigtforward to change to a Total knee Replacement later if required. The Oxford Partial Knee replacement is a resurfacing operation that preserves as much of your good knee as possible, and simply recoats the two worn opposing surfaces and has a special plastic cartilage-like spacer between.

1 in 4 people with painful knee arthritis are suitable for the partial knee replacement instead of the traditional total knee replacement.

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