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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Referral of Doctor's Order for a Sleep Study?
Yes, a sleep study does require a doctor's order. You cannot order a sleep study for yourself just as you cannot order an MRI for yourself.

Do I need to see a specialist to have a Sleep Study?
Though we recommend you see one of our Medical Directors, your family physician can provide you an order.

What do I need to provide my Doctor in order to get a sleep study ordered?
Download our referral form and fill it out.  Make sure you check off all the symptoms that pertain to you.  We must have a current usable phone number to reach you. Take the form to your doctor and discuss your concerns with him. Make sure your doctor has your most up-to-date insurance information as well.

What will my Doctor need to provide in order to schedule a sleep study for me?
We will need our completed referral form signed and dated. We also need a copy of your insurance card or your insurance demographics. We may need a brief medical history. If you have Scott and White Insurance your doctor will need to obtain an authorization number from the HMO. 

How does my sleep study get scheduled? 
In most cases the doctor's office staff will then fax us the order.  We will review the information, gather any information that may be missing and then schedule you for our first available opening.  One of our day team members will call you with the date and time, as well as send you an information packet in the mail with that date and time. If the date we give you is inconvenient, you may call us and get the appointment changed. 

What if I want to schedule my study with you myself?
In order to schedule directly with you, the patient, your doctor will have to fax us your information listed above.  You can then call us and we can work with you for a date and time that is most convenient for your schedule. 

What happens after I am scheduled?
Once you are scheduled an information packet will be mailed to you.  The packet contains information about: What to Expect, What to Bring, What to wear, Where we are located, How to contact us, How to contact Pre-Registration, What to do if you are feeling ill, etc. The packet also includes maps, showing you were we are located, and a questionnaire and sleep diary for you to fill out about your sleep. Pre-Registration will verify your insurance and call you to over with you what if any payment will be due at time of service. We will also attempt to call you right before your scheduled study date to see if you have any last minute questions.

How can I find out if my insurance is accepted at St. Joseph?
Once you are scheduled, our pre-registration department will verify your insurance and call you.  If we do not accept your insurance, they will let you know this right away. You can also call your insurance company direct.  You will be having a polysomnography procedure with 4 extra parameters as an outpatient. The CPT code for this is 95811.

Does St. Joseph accept Medicare and Medicaid?
Yes we do.

Does St. Joseph Sleep Center accept Scott and White?
Yes we do. However, your doctor will need to obtain an authorization for your sleep study from your HMO.  The doctor's office will take care of that for you.

How much will my test cost?
That depends on your insurance coverage.  Once you are scheduled, our Pre-Registration Department will contact you and answer these questions for you.  Please allow them a couple of days to work your account. 

When and where are sleep studies done?
They are done at night, and you will need to sleep over night with us so that we can monitor your sleep. We have two different times in the evening that we schedule patients for so that our night team can spend 1 on 1 time with you during the hook up and have time to explain the procedure.  We are located on the second floor of St. Joseph Rehab Center.

What if I am a shift worker and normally sleep during the daytime?
Call us and talk to us.  We are capable of doing your study during the daytime, your normal sleep time, if we know about it in advance.  This requires us to make sure we have the appropriate staffing to meet your needs.

What if I don't normally go to bed until very late?
If you have a specific need for a later bedtime, please call and talk with us; let us see what we can do for you.  When scheduling permits we have been able to make arrangements for patients to come in much later and sleep later into the day.  However, we need to know ahead of time so that we can make appropriate arrangements. If you do not let us know we may not have the staffing to meet your unexpected needs.

What if I have to go to the bathroom frequently during the night?
This is not a problem.  You can go as often as needed.  The technician will be able to get you up very quickly. 

Is there anything painful about this study?
No.  We do have to apply sensors by cleaning the skin with a slightly scratch substance but that is all.

I take a lot of prescribed medications; do I need to stop them?
No, continue taking ALL your medications as you normally would. If you have medications you take only occasionally as needed, or take during the time you will be here, bring them with you. We cannot provide you with any medications at all.
 If you would normally take a sleeping pill or Tylenol PM or something else, please, bring it and take it as you normally would as well.  If you wish to stop taking your sleeping pill before the test, you will need at least 2 weeks for it to work out of your system.
It is especially important that you continue taking your other medications for your heart, lungs, etc as we do not want you having problems from not taking them and it will not show us what is normal for you every night.

Are there medications that I have been prescribed that I need to stop?
If your doctor has asked you to stop a medication prior to your study, please do so. You may need to schedule your study out a few weeks for the medication to work its way out of your system. The most common medication to be stopped is a sleeping pill.

I use oxygen.  Do I need to bring oxygen with me?
We have oxygen here.  Bring only enough for your drive here and home.  However, please call us and let us know this in advance before your test.

I am a diabetic and need to have a snack before bed or I simply like a snack before bed?
We have a refrigerator on site.  You can bring with you any non-caffeinated snack or drink. We will gladly put it in the fridge and keep it cold for you and give it to you again once you are ready for it.  We routinely have bottled water available for you. 

I have a disability and need a handicapped bathroom.  Do you have one?
Yes we do.  Please call us and make sure we know about your needs. Do not assume that your doctors office told us about your special needs.  Studies are frequently schedule through an office secretary who may be unaware of your situation.

Will you give me anything to help me sleep?
No.  We will be looking for what keeps you from being able to sleep or being tired even after sleeping 8 hours. 
You are able to bring with you your sleeping pills (if you have been taking something) and that includes over the counter medications. If you are really worried about being able to sleep we advise that you stay awake 30 minutes to 1hour later than normal the night before your study and that you get up 30 minutes to 1 hour early the day of your study. You are required to not take any naps and to stop all caffeine intake after you finish you breakfast. Also, after you are hooked up to the sensors you will be given time in your room to relax, unwind and become accustom to the feel of the sensors. 

I have this image in my head about being connected to a thousand wires, how am I going to sleep?
Many people think their going to be all tangled up in wires and have many other misconceptions of what will happen.  Nearly all of our patients DO sleep just fine with the monitoring equipment on. The rooms all look like a hotel room with full size beds. We do recommend that you follow the suggestions listed under WILL YOU GIVE ME ANYTHING TO HELP ME SLEEP.   

Can a family member come with me? (adults 18 years of age or over)
One family member may stay with you in your room up until it's time for you to go to bed.  After that they will need to go home or stay in a local hotel.

Can a family member come with me? (under 18 years of age)
If you are under the age of 18, you will need one of your parents (or a legal guardian) to come with you and stay all night. The Parent (or guardian) will stay in a separate room but may have access to your room if it is required or needed.

Is there someone there all night with me?
Yes.  Your study is an attended study.  The Gold Standard for polysomnography. Each Technician takes care of at most 2 patients.  They must monitor 20+ lines of data on you and then another 20+ lines on the other patient.  However, because they have just you and one other patient they are able to quickly respond to your needs. The technician sits in the control room, which is close to your room.

Who are the technicians? Have they been properly trained?
All the technicians are either Board Registered Polysomnographers who have obtained their RPSGT from the BRPT or they are registry eligible. They are specially trained in the field of Sleep Medicine and to take care of you and perform your test to the highest standards and quality. 

Can you tell what I am dreaming?
No.  We can tell when you are entering and are in REM sleep, the dream state, but we cannot tell what you are dreaming.

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