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Weight Management

Healthy weight management and physical activity both contribute to the health of your heart. Through maintaining a healthy weight and making exercise part of your daily routine, you can greatly reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease as well

Weight Management
The key to weight management is balancing your calories. Weight gain comes when you intake more calories than you burn through exercise. For this reason, it is important to be aware of the calorie count of the foods you eat, as well as to incorporate exercise into your daily routine.

Reaching Your Goals
Setting goals for yourself is essential to your weight loss or weight maintenance plan. These goals will bring you something to strive towards as you take steps toward becoming a healthier you.

·          Be realistic. If your goals are unrealistic, it may leave you feeling discouraged, and you will be less likely to continue in striving for the goals you set.

·          Set deadlines for your milestones. Deadlines may give you the extra push you need to achieve your goals.

·          Have a detailed plan of how you will achieve your goals. With a plan in place, it will be much easier to take the steps necessary to reach your goal weight.

·          Reward yourself when you do well. Weight loss and management is not easy. Rewarding yourself with a manicure, a cup of coffee, or a new outfit, will serve as encouragement to continue making healthy choices.

Get Active!
Maintaining an active lifestyle is one simple way to lessen your risk of heart disease. Many people find it difficult to make time in their days for physical activity, but it is proven that just 30 minutes of exercise a day can greatly lessen your risk of heart disease. By choosing activities that you love, the time you spend on exercise will be more enjoyable and seem less like work. 


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