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Q: How long will I stay at the rehab center?
A:  This is individualized for each patient. Upon admission you will have a 3-day assessment period where information is gathered on your ability to do activities such as bathing, dressing, getting in and out of bed, walking and pushing a wheelchair. At the end of this time that information will be reported to your insurance company and the number of days covered will be decided upon. This is a guideline to follow, however you will be evaluated on a frequent basis by the rehab team to determine your ability to return home.

Q:  Are there private rooms at the rehab center?
A:  While we do have a few private rooms, most of our rooms are semi-private suites with a large room area and a shared bathroom. Private rooms are often reserved for patients with specialized medical procedures or precautions who cannot be in a semi-private suite. If you request a private room upon admission, and there is one available the current additional private room rate will be quoted to you prior to admission. Most insurance companies will not cover this additional fee

Q:  What do I need to bring with me to the rehab center?
A:  Patients should bring 2-3 changes of clothing or more if family will not be available to launder clothes frequently. Shoes with a supportive sole will be needed. The rehab center will provide basic toiletries. Please also bring a list of your current home medications that you were taking prior to admission to the hospital.

Q:  Can a family member stay with me at the rehab center?
A:  We encourage a high level of family involvement and enjoy having family members or caregivers present during your rehab stay.  A cot can be provided for guests who chose to stay overnight.

Q:  What is expected of me in the rehab program?
A:  Each patient is expected to willingly participate in the therapy program of 3 hours of therapy per day 5-6 days per week.  Patients are expected to eat meals in a centralized dining room unless they have a medical reason that prohibits this.  Most importantly, patients are expected to be active participants in their rehab program and work hard to achieve their goals!

Q: What happens when it is time for me to go home from the rehab program?
A:  Your case manager will work with the rehab team to determine what equipment and ongoing therapy services or support you will need at home and then make referrals and help you to set up these services.  Our expectation is that we send you home prepared to be successful with your continued recovery.

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