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Called to Serve

The Branum FamilyWhen Wendy and Jay Branum moved to College Station, they had no idea what kind of healthcare they would find, much less where they would deliver their child.

Wendy was seven months pregnant, and knew that the time to select her delivery hospital was nearing. After a quick yellow page search, Wendy found a few hospitals in the B-CS area, and began making visits to each. When she arrived on the labor and delivery unit of St. Joseph for a tour and look around, Wendy was welcomed with open arms. She knew immediately that this was it...the place her son would be born! 

Finally the day came...after 17 hours of labor and several trips to and from the hospital, baby Wyatt made his grand entry into the world. Of course, Wendy and Jay were overjoyed that their baby boy was finally here! Wyatt was having a difficult time breathing when he was first born, and the staff at St. Joseph's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit jumped into action, doing all that they could to not only care for Wyatt but also for Wendy and Jay...reassuring them, and keeping them informed every step of the way. The doctors and nurses thought that Wyatt may have Down Syndrome, so testing began to determine just exactly what was causing his breathing trouble. Wendy and Jay were scared. They didn't know much about Down Syndrome; but were given all the information they needed from the loving and caring nurses at St. Joseph. The tests were conclusive - baby Wyatt did in fact have Down Syndrome. When remembering that moment, Wendy said that the nurses were so reassuring, and that they were doing all they could to ensure the Branums had the information they needed to care for a special needs child.

"The nurses were so caring and sincere," Wendy expressed. "I knew that Wyatt picked us to be his parents for a reason, and with their help, we were equipped to go on this journey with him."

Wyatt spent 20 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at St. Joseph, a time in which Wendy remarked, "the nurses became second mothers to him." She said she was there every day, and never once saw a nurse having a bad day. St. Joseph Nurses with Wyatt BranumInstead she witnessed smiling faces of people who were "like angels."

"The nurses at St. Joseph's Labor and Delivery and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit were called here to care for these babies, and it shows every day in their work," she said. "We were absolutely blessed to have them help bring Wyatt into this world."

Today, thanks to their experience with St. Joseph's Labor and Delivery services, the Branums actively support the hospital through their advocacy and personal philanthropy with the hope that others can have the same experience when they deliver their baby.

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