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After Delivery

After the birth of birth your baby, your recovery will be closely monitored. After delivery, your baby may be placed on your stomach or breast. You'll likely be able to greet your baby and start your new life together. Attachment, or bonding, also starts soon after birth.  If you had anesthesia, you'll be watched closely until you can feel and move your toes.

Your baby is given an exam within the first 5 minutes after birth. Your baby's heart rate, respiration (breathing), muscle tone, reflexes, and color are assessed. Based on the exam, an APGAR score is given. This is used as a quick assessment of the health of your baby. Your baby may also be bathed, dried, weighed, and measured. Eyedrops may be given to prevent infection. ID bracelets are placed around the baby's wrist and ankle.

Upon arrival to your fresh, clean post-partum room, your nurse will provide you with all of the information you'll need while in the hospital. It is your choice whether to have your baby stay in the room with you or visit the baby nursery. Our staff will assist you with your personal care and recovery as well as answer questions about your baby's care.

If you are breastfeeding, you may want to meet with a lactation consultant. Talk with your nurse about having a consultant visit your room. Your physician and your pediatrician will visit daily to keep you informed of your own and your baby's progress.


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